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When it comes to protecting your hearing there’s nothing more effective than an ear plug custom designed for your ear. While many workplaces continue to use unreliable, disposable plugs that irritate the wearer, provide less protection and rack up higher costs, astute employers are now moving to custom designed ear plugs.

Every person has unique ears, so it makes sense that ear plugs designed to fit an individual’s ear will deliver greater protection and comfort. Xtra Health Mobile provides employers and individuals with Instamold, custom molded ear plugs made from medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone. Instamold plugs provide the ultimate fit and the maximum hearing protection.

Instamold custom ear plugs have been tested mechanically, and its sound attenuation was measured in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards to rate as a Class 5 hearing protector.

Instamold ear plugs provide greater noise attenuation and comfort for:

  • Industrial noise
  • Motor Sports
  • Motorcycling
  • Shooting
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Musicians & Music concerts
  • Stereo music listening
  • Swimming & Water sports
  • Sleeping

It’s never been easier or more cost effective to protect your hearing.

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Xtra Health Ear Plugs
Xtra Health Ear Plugs

Protect your employees from hearing damage

Hazardous noise in the workplace is a leading cause of industrial hearing loss in Australia. Under Australia’s WHS regulations, employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from excessive noise while at work. Our Instamold ear plugs have been rigorously tested to attain full WorkCover approval.

Damage to hearing can occur both gradually over a number of years and instantly as a result of acoustic trauma. That’s why it’s important for employers to make sound investments in hearing protection.

Made on site to eliminate downtime

Xtra Health Mobile can make your Instamold ear plugs on the spot. Our professional, qualified staff come to your workplace/s to fit the hearing protection. This approach reduces downtime, and ensures your employees are back on the job immediately with greater hearing protection.

On site Audiometric Testing

We can also bring our double booth mobile unit to your workplace and conduct your Audiometric Screening Tests on site at the same time we take impressions for custom ear plugs.

Like no other ear plug — feel and hear the difference

A person’s ear canal is as unique as their fingerprint. So it doesn’t make sense that a ‘one size fits all ear plug’ is the solution for something as important as your hearing. You will appreciate the difference in comfort and safety that comes with our Instamold ear plugs.

Whether you’re using them to protect your ears from hazardous noise, water or just to sleep, our custom plugs provide the best solution. Because their professionally molded to perfectly match the individuals ear canal, they provide a snug fit for maximum noise and water protection.

Like no other ear plug - feel and hear the difference
Xtra Health Ear Plugs

Cut costs while improving your hearing safety

If your company is providing its employees with disposable hearing protection, then you could stand to cut costs dramatically with Instamold ear plugs. Disposable ear plugs might seem cheap, but they can make a sizable dent in your annual budget. Assuming that a single employee uses approximately two pairs of corded foam plugs per day, that works out to be approx. $175 per year. That means you stand to save $100 per employee in the first year.

With a lifespan of in excess of 5 years, our Instamold ear plugs continue to save you money years after the purchase. That means you can cut costs while improving your employees’ hearing safety.

Cut costs while improving your hearing safety - Xtra Health

Cost comparison to disposable corded plugs per employee


Cost per day (2 sets per day)


Cost per year (based on 250 working days)


Instamold ear plugs


Estimates savings in first year


Estimates savings in second year

Instamold provides safety and convenience like no other ear plug.

  • Made on site
  • Can be made metal detectable for the food industry
  • Made from medical grade, hypo allergenic silicon
  • Simple to insert & remove
  • Comfortable, because they are made from a flexible material
  • Hygienic & very easy to clean
  • High visibility range of colours
  • Waterproof
  • Reduces costs
  • Eliminates wastage
  • Professional follow up service including any adjustments that need to be made
  • Tested in accordance with and certified by Australian/New Zealand Standards as a class 5 hearing protector.
  • Reduces noise by up to 40 dB

Stereo Wired Ear Plugs

We can also use our instamold ear plugs to make on the spot custom stereo headsets. They can be applied for a multitude of recreational uses. They are great for motorcyclist’s, scooter & pushbike riders, people that love to listen to music while they workout, or are on a plane, train, bus, or just want to comfortably listen to quality sound where ever they are. Our headsets come standard with a 3.5mm jack that can be connected to ipods, phones, MP3 players etc. They come with or without an inline volume control and you can also purchase the airline jack adaptor, which then allows you to use your custom stereo wires on aircrafts.

Stereo Wired Ear Plugs

Two way radio communication Ear Plugs

We can custom make a single mono Ear Plug that is fitted to our two way PTT (push to talk) radio cable. These are great for any industry that uses two way radios and hearing protection. No need to take your earplugs out to speak on the radio. Cables come standard with a 5pin jack which you can then purchase the adaptor to suit the radios you are using.

Two way radio communication Ear Plugs

Race Communication Ear Plugs

A perfect ear plug for the motor sport enthusiast thru to the full time race professional and their crews. These earplugs are suited to any users in noisy environments that rely on high quality communication to be available. All sets come with standard colour marking for Left & Right ears as well as personalised initials. Cables can be supplied with 2.5mm, 3.5mm or standard RCA jack.

Race Communication Ear Plugs

Musicians Ear Plugs

Suitable for anyone who enjoys listening to or playing music.

An ideal choice of plug for anyone who needs to reduce sound, but still needs to hear accurately. All pieces come standard with the acoustic filter of your choice. Interchangeable filters are also available in 10db, 15db or 25db.

Colour marking for left and right ears as well as a personalised initial.

Musicians Ear Plugs

Personalised Earphones for Mobile Phone, Ipod, MP3 etc

This type of earplug would be specially lab manufactured to suit your favourite particular type of Earphone cable that you send us. Suitable for phones, ipods, mp3, radios etc. The earphone can be pressure – fit into the mould or made to be removeable. Can be made in a range of colours as well as personalised initials.

Personalised Earphones for Mobile Phone, Ipod, MP3

More Hearing Protection

Xtra Health Mobile can also supply a range of other hearing protection.

Personalised Earphones for Mobile Phone, Ipod, MP3